Here is a list of the drugs I got through. Some are from my own team and some I got myself from MacMillan Community advice:

Things for my mouth:

Biotene mouthwash is nice and soothing

Gelclair and Caphasol helps mightily with the mucositis

A Benzydamine mouthwash called Difflam is a good numbing agent before you try to eat. You can dilute it a little if it hurts too much.

Oxytecaine and antacid can be used as a gargle then swallowed to numb your throat. Lots swear by it by it just made me nauseous

Duraphat high fluoride toothpaste. I found this too strong and it gave me more ulcers when my mouth recovered so I supplied myself with Oranurse from Amazon which isn’t high fluoride but that’s the trade off.

I managed happily with a battery powered electric toothbrush with a sensitive head. 

Some people find this too harsh and use a soft toothbrush from Amazon called Cupraprox. Flossing was fine but a water pic might be a gentler alternative.

Xyligel to moisten my mouth at night

Xylimelts at night

Paracetamol capsules and soluble to go down the NG tube

Soluble Codeine

Oramorph every two hours in the final weeks

MST long acting morphine twice daily

Metoclopramide to stop nausea

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I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

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