Onward and Upward

I am now nine months post treatment and on two month check ups split between the surgeon and the oncologist.

On my latest visit I asked about checking my thyroid hormone levels and my carotid arteries.

Radiation to the neck can destroy thyroid tissue and 50% of people need thyroxine therapy so monitoring is advised from a year and a half out.

Similarly Carotid arteries can develop atheroma years later. The advice I got was to keep my cholesterol and blood pressure down and to maybe monitor from three years.

I can’t believe how much better I am; how much better I feel. I see improvements every day.

I can eat anything apart from chilli. Some food needs a little sip of water, food like bread and chicken but by and large nothing is off limits 

My throat is still dry and prickly and maybe I will have to get used to that. The mucous membrane has been compromised and my palatine uvula, that dangly thing at the back of the throat, has been incinerated to a stump and its associated salivary glands rendered useless. Chewing sugar free gum gives me a pleasantly moist mouth so I can’t complain.

My taste is still hit and miss though improving.

My energy levels are so improved that I’m looking at running again. There is a flattish two and a half mile loop from our house. I’m determined to at least try even if I have to carry a bottle of water with me.

Heavens…..I seem to have pulled out of the tunnel.

To anybody just starting on this expedition I can say it’s hard, bloody hard but you can do it. I was 67 when I started and I’m still here nearly a year later and I’m well.

I have made a few friends on the Macmillan community and one of them Hazel has a blog here: https://radioactiveraz.wordpress.com Check her out.

She is trying acupuncture for her salivary glands so that is my next step too.

Watch this space.

Published by Dani Akrigg

I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

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