The Legends

Strange title. I should have posted this three weeks ago

I’ve written previously of my cancer buddy Hazel. She is RadioactiveRaz and has a blog We have messaged for two and a half years and together we created and still run a WhatsApp group to help and support folk going through treatment. Some people come for a few weeks, some stay to help and some leave to get on with their lives. One lady labelled us “legends” which was hilarious…..because we are not but it has jokingly stuck.

Three weeks ago we finally got to meet up in New Quay on the Cardiganshire coast in the sunshine to share gossip, an ice cream and a hug. So I simply wanted to raise a glass to my fellow legend

Published by Dani Akrigg

I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

9 thoughts on “The Legends

  1. What a fabulous photo, you two ladies have helped me on the start to my recovery especially from the mental approach by giving so much hope and encouragement without ‘ sugar coating ‘ the info – thank you!


  2. Hello,
    So very new to this and have only just found all these wonderful posts and am so thankful. Just about to start this journey after being diagnosed with cancer in my tonsil. I am someone who needs to be informed and what a wealth of information I have found. Thank you x


    1. Julie, you are very welcome, and thank you for reading. It really is a frightening time but this cancer is eminently curable. The ride isn’t easy but it’s doable. Anything else just shout…The WhatsApp group goes on and on if you need a little extra. Take care, Dani


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