The Legends

Strange title. I should have posted this three weeks ago

I’ve written previously of my cancer buddy Hazel. She is RadioactiveRaz and has a blog We have messaged for two and a half years and together we created and still run a WhatsApp group to help and support folk going through treatment. Some people come for a few weeks, some stay to help and some leave to get on with their lives. One lady labelled us “legends” which was hilarious…..because we are not but it has jokingly stuck.

Three weeks ago we finally got to meet up in New Quay on the Cardiganshire coast in the sunshine to share gossip, an ice cream and a hug. So I simply wanted to raise a glass to my fellow legend

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I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

19 thoughts on “The Legends

  1. Hi Dani, you replied to me on Macmillan site yesterday.Thankyou so much. I named myself tootsietuddles after my two cats..but my name is Nigel. I have read your blogs etc and the information has helped me already..I have started doing the neck exercises and i am trying to get into a routine before my Sentinel lymph node biopsy.
    I realise I am at the start of a journey.I have done quite a bit of research already but what I have realised is that everyone reacts differently to treatments. It’s still good to learn how others have dealt with their treatments and I take strength from your and others people courage, determination and positivity for which I am very grateful. Thankyou so much for strengthening my fortitude for the journey ahead.


    1. Hi Nigel. Welcome here as well as to Macmillan. I’m glad some of the posts have been a help.
      We all find our way through in the end and I relied much on the “cancer buddies” I met along the way for although we should get our info from our team they actually don’t understand how we feel even though we might well be the thousandths patient they have treated.
      Take it day by day and KNOW that there is an end to it all.

      I love the cats’ names. What are they? I have had cats since I qualified but lost my last one, she was a Cornish Rex…a gift to myself years earlier…just before we moved to Wales ten years go and we never got another. I do miss a cat terribly


      1. Hi Dani, thanks for your reply.Unfortunately tootsie and toddles have passed on. They both lived to around 20yrs old. We got them while holidaying in Devon at around 6wks old. They nearly caused so many accidents as we travelled home along M6, as they climbed across back seat of car. They were both pure white moggies who would go short walks with me. Really fond memories of 2 such loving animals. We then had a couple of rescue dogs,Sasha a Kings Charles AND Holly a cross Collie, ginger, very similar to a Welsh Collie. Both have now passed on.Losing Holly was very hard to bear..So no more pets
        Spent time today talking with Macmillan and sorting out my profile. Hopefully my time line might be help and encouragement to others. THANKS ONCE Again. Nigel


    2. By the way….good luck with the SNB.
      I’m amazed…or perhaps I’m not… about the diagnosis. GPs are notoriously bad with skin cancer. I have been looking at a lesion on my leg for five years. It has been looked at three times and I was assured it was benign. I ran out of patience one last time and the latest opinion is that it’s a Basal Cell Carcinoma! Not as serious as a melanoma granted but needs addressing.


      1. Absolutely, weirdly my brother was diagnosed with Basil cell by his GP at the same time I got my Melonoma confirmed. The waiting list for him to see Dermatology is is over 1 Yr. I have 4 other suspect moles,lesions which I will have removed in 2 weeks time. So after a false start with NHS, they are looking after me well. Mentally, I have gone thro a bad period with depression etc for yrs.Strangely this prognosis has changed my attitude. So I have become quite stoical. I accept I have Cancer. If the SNB comes back positive…no big surprise. If it comes back negative..YIPPEE. So, every cloud does have a Silver lining and I am very positive at present.

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  2. What a fabulous photo, you two ladies have helped me on the start to my recovery especially from the mental approach by giving so much hope and encouragement without ‘ sugar coating ‘ the info – thank you!


  3. Hello,
    So very new to this and have only just found all these wonderful posts and am so thankful. Just about to start this journey after being diagnosed with cancer in my tonsil. I am someone who needs to be informed and what a wealth of information I have found. Thank you x


    1. Julie, you are very welcome, and thank you for reading. It really is a frightening time but this cancer is eminently curable. The ride isn’t easy but it’s doable. Anything else just shout…The WhatsApp group goes on and on if you need a little extra. Take care, Dani


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