Three Years Clear

The first day of Spring

I missed my three year anniversary in January mired in anxiety about more cancer. The fear can strike us any time. I spent a miserable Christmas worrying about increasing reflux that wouldn’t respond to treatment. PPIs, drastic diet change, sleeping upright and surfing the net for quack remedies. With my GP reluctant to commit himself to a fast track referral, I referred myself for a gastroscopy which was an interesting way to spend a few minutes of my life. I am now the proud owner of a 2cm sliding hiatal hernia which is a million times better than the hysterically imagined oesophageal cancer. God, can the mind play some awful tricks on the body!

Talking of quack remedies alternative therapies, I have embraced a few and there is scientific evidence for them…..more later. I am weaning myself off the PPIs I was prescribed at the start of treatment. A heck of a lot of us suffer reflux as some sort of gift from Radiotherapy. I took the drugs without question, a good “pill for every ill” sort of girl that I am. BUT do we really need them? Aren’t we supposed to have stomach acid? So I did some research which led me to these two.

Aloe vera has been shown to protect the gastric lining and Melatonin to increase oesophageal mucous so I take the disgusting Aloe in the morning and a couple of yummy gummies before bedtime. It helps me sleep too which is a bonus. Aloe is widely available most likely places, melatonin is on prescription only in the uk but you can get it from The States. I can say that after a few weeks on these I am a new woman. I feel I can throw the PPIs out of the window on the next sunny day.

I’m also trying one of these which arrived yesterday

This gizmo is called an IQoro, invented by the Swedes. I stumbled across it researching reflux quack remedies alternative therapies. IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that utilises the body’s own natural systems to strengthen the muscles from the mouth, upper airways, oesophagus, down to the stomach. It’s been reviewed by NICE where it seems that it might help but is too expensive to recommend…..sound familiar? I asked my gastroenterologist about it and he looked at me as if I was mad….well his eyes did, the rest of his face was masked. This possibly means that he’s never heard of it, it’s a quack remedy or it will work. Take your pick.

Watch this space. I will report back in a month.

I thought I might finish with a snapshot of what keeps me going. If Stan and I go away for a few days it’s like packing for a bottle fed baby!!! You’ve got to laugh, though, haven’t you.

Actually I haven’t quite finished.

The beginning of March 2022 and some crazed despot

is trying to ruin the world we live in for some sort of glory in his dying days.

I don’t pray but God Bless the people in Ukraine and President Zelensky….and keep them safe.

Published by Dani Akrigg

I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

15 thoughts on “Three Years Clear

  1. I have been “stalking” your blog, without comment, since discovering it when dealing with my own head/neck cancer in January 2020. Your statement, “I do not pray…” caught my eye and prompted me to let you know that my prayers for you are ongoing and, in my opinion, effective. Yes, God bless the people of Ukraine and God bless you!

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      1. I am well, thank you. My ENT, a doctor with the VA (Veterans Administration-USA), used the word “healed” to describe my current status. I was surprised but not disappointed by his choice of words. The only residual effect is a dry mouth, which has been improving with time. Incidentally, I discovered your blog when researching acupuncture as a treatment. Acupuncture resulted in no lasting improvement to my salivation but it enabled a very positive relationship with my practitioner!


      2. It doesn’t help everybody but as you know anything is worth trying. I still chew gum and saliva kept improving right up to three years. Keep well. Xx


    1. Dallas. I pressed send too early. I wanted to say that even though I don’t believe in God despite a Catholic upbringing I would defend anybody else’s right to do so. And yes we need to keep the people of Ukraine close to our hearts and support them in any way we can. Dani xx


  2. BTW, are you getting your melatonin on prescription? What dose do you take? I have been told about melatonin in the past and how it could help.

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  3. Hi Dani, I have just passed my 1 year post treatment for tonsil cancer. I don’t really get much reflux but I do get some. They did try to put me on PPIs but I refused.
    Let us know how you get on with IQORO.

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    1. Hi markrut. I sure will. I think the melatonin has helped lots. I’m reintroducing all the trigger foods slowly ( not chocolate) and so far so good. Well done on getting your year. How are you feeling overall?


      1. I’ve had an ulcer in the centre of my tongue for a few months which I think is now starting to heal. The side of my tongue (tonsil cancer side) is very sensitive and has been through the 12 months. ENT doesn’t seem too concerned but he is keeping an eye on me.It’s not helping my anxiety either.


      2. Yes anxiety is a bugger. Most of the time I’m ok. My tongue in the irradiated side is still a tad sensitive. It does wear off. If you can bear it Corsodyl alcohol free is absolutely wonderful for these ulcers. Twice a day for a week. If you have a really sensitive mouth like I do I found stopping Duraphat and having three monthly varnishes was much better.
        Take care.


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