What to do with my Radiotherapy tattoo?

When I had my planning CT ….so long ago, it seems, I got dotted with this!

Why couldn’t they at least have got it central? I’ve mithered about what I should do with it for a while. The obvious choices were to leave it or have it removed. Not so simple though. It’s part of me but I didn’t like it so eventually the time came to kill the dot and the solution was to camouflage it. So there we are. At the “should-know-better” age of 72 ……..

So thank you Samsara Custom Tattoo of Kendal and Keavy in particular…. a lovely young lady smothered in tattoos that looked like Liquorice Allsorts

It bloomin’ hurt ……but not as much as the radiotherapy

Published by Dani Akrigg

I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

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