Fundraising The Moustache

I have bullied Stan into growing a moustache So we are crowdfunding for MacMillan Cancer care You can donate here if you fancy Day 1 Day 7 Day 14 Day 21 Last Day Stan has decided he might keep it….Grrrrrrrr. Looks like I’ll have to bribe him to shave it off. Fund is nearlyContinue reading “Fundraising The Moustache”

Treatment:December and January

December Treatment I can’t stress how important it is to keep well. Radiotherapy will make you tired, very tired. You have to rest and let your body cope. The cancer is going to take a year out of your life. Control the pain. Ask for different pain relief if yours isn’t working. Some people seemContinue reading “Treatment:December and January”

My Journey through thick and thin: August to December 2018

August Believe in your body and in your second sense. Usually if you know there is something wrong there is…trust me; women are particularly good at this. My GP couldn’t appreciate much to see but at my insistence he arranged a fast track referral. September A quick word here about waiting. You get used toContinue reading “My Journey through thick and thin: August to December 2018”