Today is my fourth Anniversary of treatment end. Something to celebrate? Or something to just note down in the blog on the way to the MAGIC FIVE years?  Or maybe something to use as a vehicle to explore how to cope with life after treatment? Please don’t call me a cancer survivor, a hero, aContinue reading “SURVIVORSHIP”

International Day of Medical Physics

Today is The International Day of Medical Physics So I thought I might start with a physics joke Then I thought I might add some pretty pictures Ending with a really cool picture of protons travelling through gelatine Which takes me to some interesting education. This week saw the Swallows International Head and Neck CancerContinue reading “International Day of Medical Physics”

A celebration

A message I got from a friend so touched me There is a Facebook group called Young Tongues. They are fairly new and need more members so take a look….but I digress My friend sent me this picture of the cake a young lady’s boyfriend gave her for her six months after treatment forContinue reading “A celebration”

Post Treatment Follow Up Trial PETNECK2

Research Question: Does PETCT-guided, patient-initiated follow-up result in similar overall survival compared to current post-treatment routine surveillance for head and neck cancer (HNC) patients? International guidelines recommend regular routine follow-up, aiming to detect recurrences early and enable successful re-treatment. This regimen is effective at detecting recurrences. However, because detection rates are low in asymptomatic patientsContinue reading “Post Treatment Follow Up Trial PETNECK2”