What to do with my Radiotherapy tattoo?

When I had my planning CT ….so long ago, it seems, I got dotted with this! Why couldn’t they at least have got it central? I’ve mithered about what I should do with it for a while. The obvious choices were to leave it or have it removed. Not so simple though. It’s part ofContinue reading “What to do with my Radiotherapy tattoo?”


Today is my fourth Anniversary of treatment end. Something to celebrate? Or something to just note down in the blog on the way to the MAGIC FIVE years?  Or maybe something to use as a vehicle to explore how to cope with life after treatment? Please don’t call me a cancer survivor, a hero, aContinue reading “SURVIVORSHIP”

I am 67 years old, retired and living in Rural Wales

Once upon a time there was August 7th 2018 The whole world changed for me that day. The earth continued to spin but stopped dead for me. That was the day I discovered my cancer at the back of my tongue. I knew what it was the instant my finger found it. I sat onContinue reading “I am 67 years old, retired and living in Rural Wales”