Today I had another session of Acupuncture so I thought I would add some pictures.

Excuse the ragged gardener’s nails!

This type of Acupuncture is called Auricular Acupuncture and there is lots of data on how well it works for salivary function. It is designed to stimulate those minor salivary glands that are often largely unaffected by radiotherapy. The larger salivary glands, seemingly, pose a large target for the X-rays which is one reason they are so damaged. They are uniquely sensitive to irradiation. Alison, the lovely lady that sticks these needles into me, tells me it is a technique that can be easily taught in that there is no need to perform a diagnosis and can be done without years of study. This is remarkable and opens the possibility of this being available via a Head and Neck support team. Interesting.

My saliva continues to improve and I am mighty pleased. Of course my recovery could be simply down to what I would expect in the normal course of events. I have no proof, but while I sit on Alison’s couch being stabbed I do get a rush of saliva.

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I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

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