A quick review of the year

A Snapshot

Light at the end of the tunnel? I’ve seen a few lights already. Some of them have been oncoming trains


After Lockdown we got away a few times. Still enjoying a beer 🙂

Then out of the blue came a message from Macmillan. Did I want to join the Community Champion Team?

Who are the Community champions? The Community Champions are a dedicated team of volunteers here in the Community. They are members who found the Community to be really helpful and wanted to give something back. Our Champions offer support and a listening ear. They help new members find their way around the site. Community champions also help the Community team to keep the site safe for everyone.  

I must admit I thought it was a huge challenge, a huge responsibility but I thought I could give it a go. My mate Hazel https://radioactiveraz.wordpress.com and I had already been running a WhatsApp group for people with head and neck cancer and I thought, yes….I can do this. It’s really strange. I was getting better but I couldn’t let this cancer go somehow, yet I wasn’t going to let it define me so I put it away in a drawer while I helped others along the way.

And then some months down the line we all got this…….so chuffed for everybody

Then summer came. We got more bees, some free

Swarm Arriving

Some quite expensive

Our new Queen Bee from Germany

Stan made a pond

And put up a new Barn Owl box

And even though the weather was bad and it rained most of the year our bees brought us some honey. We had enough to share and sell

Christmas time our Cambridge Fairy came out

And thanks to Covid-19 we spent a Christmas without the family and the children and the grandchildren BUT none of this I would have seen if it wasn’t for the brilliant NHS and my wonderful support teams at The Morriston and Singleton Hospitals


Published by Dani Akrigg

I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

2 thoughts on “A quick review of the year

  1. Proud to call you my cancer buddy.A positive from having cancer is making new friends for life you’re stuck with me and my typos from now until infinity.
    A brill synopsis of a difficult year
    Hazel xx


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