A celebration

A message I got from a friend so touched me

There is a Facebook group called Young Tongues. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=young%20tongues%20private%20group

They are fairly new and need more members so take a look….but I digress

My friend sent me this picture of the cake a young lady’s boyfriend gave her for her six months after treatment for tongue cancer

Today I had ask appointment with my surgeon Mr Kittur. I was hoping I’d get away with a phone consult but no….the booking office rang me and arranged a F2F. I have got so used to long distance monitoring that when a physical event presents itself it brings back all the anxiety of the past. I check myself routinely. I know what to look for but……….. HOORAY ……..he has a good feel of lymph nodes and a look in my mouth and I’m free for another six months. Recurrence is more common in the first year, the longer I remain in remission the better my chances of living. I’ll take that.

The bees said thank you too and left Mr Kittur and Dr Banner, the oncologist looking after me a couple of jars of honey each

I wasn’t going to indulge in posting interim reports on me but you know what…..Wales is basking in a really well earned heatwave after a miserable Spring. The sun was shining. I was on my own in the car. I’d just got an All Clear, at two and a half years. So I pulled off the M4 onto the Welsh country lanes I know so well, wound the windows down, put my favourite Steely Dan album on full blast

and sang (badly)all the way home.

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I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

8 thoughts on “A celebration

  1. Hi Dani, congratulations! Great to read your update and love the cake. I’m off to Latitude this weekend. I couldn’t have done it without you xxx


    1. Hi Nicky. Latitude? Wow….double Wow!!! You have great time and send me photo. I’ll put it on here to add to the celebration. As for doing it….YOU did it, I just helped a little xxxxx


    1. Sharon, Thankyou. After over two years today was the first time I really felt free of the baggage. My consultant was a dream. He asked how I felt and when I said I was fine and was hoping for a phone consult he told his nurses that he has to listen to me because I knew I had cancer before he did. We had a good laugh about other things. It’s been a good day


  2. Dani, it’s great to hear how you’re progressing. Your blog is a great encouragement.
    I’m now eighteen months on from the end of my radiology and feeling good. I’d like some tastebuds, but in their absence I work on textures. Last night’s fish and chips went down a treat, with the help of a couple of glasses of water. And at least I can get some flavour from wine, if not the whole story.

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    1. Hi Alan….great to hear from you. Taste will improve….I’m still getting improvements a year after you. Chips are still hard to swallow but I can taste most things….though some not in HD. Hope the bees are good


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