A History of Radiotherapy to celebrate British Science Week

Some science about Radiotherapy. A lovely presentation by Rad_Chat who produce radiographer led oncology podcasts https://linktr.ee/radchat They are really worth checking out for some interesting stuff. More links at the bottom of this post

Just recently they had an interview with a lovely chap called JJ about his experience with cancer. It’s here https://radchat.transistor.fm/74 and JJ has a vlog on YouTube here https://youtu.be/OeLeEpB1HXA JJ

There is also a very informative post from Joss Harding who is a leading light in dental hygiene. Entitled Joss Harding – Importance of Evidence Based Oral Care and Management you can find it here https://radchat.transistor.fm/77 . She is the Author of a book that everybody’s dentist should have

There’s stuff on Proton Beam Radio Therapy, Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation, Mental Health…..allsorts

Thank you very much to RadChat for letting me use their images

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