This summer

Since then Stan and I have visited his mum and his children and grandchildren. We upgraded our camper in February to a bigger new mobile home so that our collie Bracken can come with us in comfort.

We visited the Malvern Autumn Show and walked three miles there and back and I felt comfortable with it. 

This summer we had hundreds of Painted Lady butterflies in our field, dancing on the Knapweed. They were there for weeks; something to celebrate and the like of which I’m not likely to see again

We keep bees and I find pleasure in them again. I have jarred different kinds of honey, worked on pretty labels, and made candles and fudge to take to Conwy Honey Fair. Note the prime spot in front of Drew Pritchard’s shop. This is our fifth year there but last year had been overshadowed by uncertainty and my heart wasn’t in it.

We gave both my consultants some honey. I felt I wanted to do something for the nurses too; maybe a case of wine for Christmas.

How do you thank a complete stranger for saving your life? Perhaps I can win a 100 million on the Euro Lottery and buy Morriston a TORS unit 🙂

Published by Dani Akrigg

I'm 68 in 2019. Retired Veterinary Surgeon

2 thoughts on “This summer

  1. Hi Dani. Do you still produce the raw honey and if so can you send a link/ details. My hubby has gone through the same treatment and I think the honey would help him. Cheers

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